Here I am

Welcome to and my super-duper blog. Perhaps it's not the best idea to (once again) kick off my blog with promises about how much I'll write, but here I am.

It all started earlier this year – and no, it wasn't a New Year's resolution. First, I got back into reading again. I tossed out all the personal development books I'd accumulated over the past few years and returned to real literature—something that wouldn't leave me feeling empty. It's now mid-May, and I've already finished seventeen books. Call me impressed!

Writing seems like the natural next step. To be honest, it's more challenging and quite intimidating. In the past, I would spend weeks and months trying to find the perfect topic while attempting to build my online persona and nurture the audience. However, I've realised that you must believe in the things you want to invest your time in, and I am not the type to fake passion for something I don't genuinely care about.

This time around, I'm here with a single purpose - to write. I'm not too sure about specific topics yet, although I have already come up with a list of five upcoming blog posts – just in case. The goal is to improve my thought process, articulate my ideas better, and see where this journey leads me. It's about personal development, but personal it shall remain.

Writing won't be the only content I plan to publish here. From time to time, I might share a random photo – another long-lost interest of mine. Instagram is a bit too social for my taste (and quite bogged down with ads, if you ask me).

So, without further ado... let's see how far I can take this endeavour. Stay tuned!