The Housemaid Is Watching, by Freida McFadden

I’ve had the third instalment of The Housemaid series on pre-order for some time, ever since I read the first two books. Which was easy to do—they were fast-paced, fun to read, and thrilling. The series revolves around Millie, who has recently been released from prison, where she spent a considerable amount of time for murder. Struggling to find employment, even at burger joints, she eventually becomes a housemaid in a seemingly perfect house—with a dark twist. If you want a thrilling summer read, I recommend the first two books without hesitation.

Which was exactly the expectation for the third book. Unfortunately it fails to deliver. The story tries desperately to follow the similar schema, without Millie being a housemaid. The trouble is the spirit is gone and it drags on and on, jumping from one hard-to-believe scene to another. Of course there's a dark plot behind, but is a boring as the neighbourhood Millie and her family moved into.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ ?

Tags: #book