I want to write more

My inner desire to write more was one of the many reasons why I restarted my blog. While the total amount of my writing has increased, it is mostly private. The few posts I have published are usually a struggle. They feel alien to me. Heavy. Very often, I end up convinced that I did not clearly formulate my thoughts or articulate the point I was trying to make.

Is this a fault of my writing? The fact that English is my second language and I do not master it as much as I would like to think? Sometimes it seems like others can effortlessly express and convey their thoughts. They can articulate ideas with little effort.

For some, it's a question of talent, for others, hard work. I get that. Maybe that's the goal of my journey here: to overcome the fear of writing things publicly, learn how to think clearly first, and then, step by step, improve my writing skills.