Invisible Girl, by Lisa Jewel

As mentioned in the previous book entry, I was looking for a captivating page-turner to overcome my reading woes, and Invisible Girl proved to be just that. Choosing it wasn't merely a random decision, as I had read another book by the same author last year.

Invisible Girl features Saffyre Maddox, who suffered an unspecified traumatic incident at the age of 10. Although she was treated by the psychologist Roan Fours, who managed to resolve some of the issues, the trauma remained unresolved. This leads her to become the "invisible girl," hiding her inner self from her peers. Her efforts to conceal her trauma lead her to follow Roan, unravelling the entire story.

The book is narrated from three different viewpoints. Besides Saffyre, there's Cate - Roan's wife, and Owen Pick, the "creepy" guy. All of them are trying to break free, whether they know it or not. The author did an amazing job and managed to pack a dark mystery, domestic drama, psychological thriller, and modern insights into the world of toxic masculinity into a fast-paced bestseller.

Rating: ★★★★☆ ?

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