Journaling and Blogging, Year On

It's been over a year since I started journaling and wrote about the power it brings. Coincidentally, it's also been over a year since I became a bit more serious about blogging. And I'm glad to say—and this post confirms it—I'm still going. What's surprising, though, is the fact my journaling frequency has plummeted, while I more or less maintain the same pace when it comes to the blog.

I can't quite pinpoint what happened to the journaling, though. It almost feels like I haven't had enough time and opportunities to sit down and just let my mind wander. As mentioned in the previous post, having a dedicated camera was part of the problem. My walks transformed from a free-to-wander experience for both body and mind, to (let's put it bluntly) a competitive photo chase. And with it came the digital picture editing flow, effectively eating the time I would otherwise dedicate to journaling. Yes, it's an excuse. But the attention shift is definitely something real I can admit. Right now, my focus is to balance the act and find out the boundaries.

When it comes to blogging, it's a different story. And while I have no expectation of these posts being read, public blogging has become more of a social contract in my mind. I can explore topics there which would otherwise (probably) end up in my journal. Obviously, I still don't feel comfortable going more personal there, but I do feel that 'virtual' commitment to continue. While the frequency is nothing groundbreaking, I have also started short reviews of all the books I'm reading. I do admit, sometimes it feels like a bit of cheating, but it provides me with a good log of things I would otherwise forget.

I guess, now - opening the second year - it's time to get deeper in both directions: journaling and blogging. My goals would be to sustain at least two to three public (non-book) posts and at least eight journal entries per month. But as always, it's not about quantity. My ultimate goal is still more self-awareness and development.