No More Screaming

My first blog, now decades old, has long since disappeared. However, you can still find it if you know the original domain name. Looking back at those entries, it was a time when I felt the need to scream out loud. It was about vocalising frustrations, discomforts, and wild ideas. Perhaps a natural way for someone in their twenties seeking their place in life.

The recent reincarnation of my blog feels less like screaming. It has become more of a space for reflection. It - more or less successfully - serves as random insight into my thinking and what keeps me ticking. Probably sign of being older. I no longer have the need to scream; instead, I reflect on lot of things. There's no push force behind the ideas; it's just my little corner of the internet.

Interesting thing is, I didn't have any exception of being read before and I don't have it now.