The Secret Hours, by Mick Herron

Right now I'm experiencing a bit of a downturn when it comes to reading. I thought picking up another book by Mick Herron would do me some good. Having just finished it, I can't say it was the right choice.

But let's step back in time. Last year, I read the entire Slough House series and enjoyed it immensely. Well, to be precise, I enjoyed the first few books, but as I progressed, I noticed my interest waning. Not that the writing was bad, but perhaps it was a bit too much for me. There's only so many twists you can do.

"The Secret Hours" follows a similar path. Set in contemporary London, Devon, and 1990s Berlin, it provides an intricate story that lays out some background on certain characters. The trouble is, it's a bit difficult to get through.

Not a bad read, but also not something that I would remember for long.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ ?

Tags: #book