In my previous (and very first) post I mentioned several applications that are essential to my day-to-day workflow. Only later I did notice several notable ones are missing. Some of them did not fit very high-level categories, and others I missed completely. To follow others, I decided to share what’s my iPad right now.

The essential applications in Dock.

  • GMail as a primary e-mail application. It complements G Suite and I use it with other accounts too. Tried all other apps, but it is GMail I always return to. Can’t live without snoozing, Promotions & Forums separations.
  • Safari does not need any comments.
  • 1Password for everything security related. Passwords, logins, credits cars, notes, software licenses.
  • Things is my go-to planning tool. Over time have been switching between OmniFocus and Things, but version since the release of version 3 I stayed and never looked back.
  • Bear for all notes, random writing, drafting longer emails and storing random snippets. Using it also for personal knowledge base, project management and journaling.
  • Slack for all work related communication. Not really enjoying using it, but it’s a golden standard at the moment.
  • Messages
  • Yoink is one of those hidden gems. It’s missing link when working on iPad. I use it to collect pretty much anything, share data between applications, create stacks and more. All website used as links in this post were collected in Yoink first.

Those are the apps I can’t exchange for anything else.

On home screen there are apps I use on daily/or semi-daily basis.

  • Fantastical has been my go-to calendar for years. The recent update to version 3 was pretty bumpy and the new subscription pricing is pretty steep.
  • Reminders have made come back with iOS/iPad OS 13. I’m using them for time/location specific tasks that really don’t have place in my Things. I don’t use Reminders app for viewing tasks as they are displayed directly in Fantastical.
  • Pocket for managing the reading list. Pretty much everything I come across goes through the service.
  • Files
  • Music
  • Shortcuts is an app I want to learn to use more. Right now using handful of shortcuts, and most likely not even scratching its full potential.
  • Notability for hand-written notes and fast sketches.
  • Blink provides connection to all SSH servers.
  • MindNode helps me with brainstorming ideas and collecting thoughts.
  • G Suite tools - folder with pretty much all Google apps. The most frequently used are Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Maps.
  • Zoom has become a go to video conferencing solution. It’s rock stable and from my tests requires least mobile data.
  • PDF Expert for annotation, PDF ebooks, signing documents and more
  • Voice Memos
  • Overcast for all podcast content I consume.
  • IaWriter is so far the best Markdown editor for iOS. Using it to publish this article directly to Ghost.
  • LookUp English dictionary and reference
  • Social networks are represented by Twitter and Reddit
  • Content consumption with apps like Audible, Books, Netflix and TuneIn Radio, YouTube and TV app

The second screen apps:

  • LiquidText for annotation and review of multiple documents. Usually used for the research of the topic that consist of multiple documents.
  • Camera, Photos and Google Photos used sparsely
  • Apple Stock apps folder - using Mail from time to time (to send attachments) and Apple Maps. Rest kept “just in case”.
  • Photo apps folder for the times I need to edit some shots - notable mention goes to Darkr (as I’m into black and white photography), Pixelmator and Darkroom.
  • Audio editing tools like Ferrite and noise gate app Brusfri.
  • Other apps including Office 365 apps, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Firefox Focus, Google Analytics, Wolfram Alpha and FileBrowser

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash